JLS Mail Link

Mail with meaning


Do you have a PO Box or would you like your mail put in the post for you?

Then we are here to save you time in your day.

JLS Mail Link Vehicle


JLS Mail Link is a mail courier business servicing the Bathurst area including the CBD, industrial estates plus any business within a 10km radius of the Bathurst region.


Our service will collect mail from your PO Box and deliver it to your place of business. In addition we can also collect any outgoing mail that you need posted.


We will deliver your mail between 9am to 1pm, Monday to Friday.
Our service can be offered on a daily basis or you can pick which days
suit your business best.

Photo of JoshWhy?

As well as saving your business’s precious time there is a story behind the creation of JLS. We have created this service to give our son Josh a life of purpose and a quality of life. Josh is a young man with a disability who has a bucket load of joy to give to the world. He loves to drive around town and greet people which can be the perfect way to help your business save time whilst allowing Josh to be a valued member of his community.