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JLS Mail Link is a registered Business with an ABN and Insurances.  JLS is a reliable, friendly business servicing Bathurst NSW.  We deliver Monday to Friday as per contracted for each business.  Joshua and his Assistant are an energetic, competent team.

Deliveries:           Joshua Shearman

Assistant:             Support Worker who is fully insured, polite & friendly.

Just like a CEO needing an assistant to do their job, Josh also needs an assistant to help him do his.  Josh will have an assistant/support worker to drive his car, help him deliver the mail and support Josh to carry out his daily tasks.

Some days Josh may not be able to manage the delivery himself and will choose to be the navigator of the route instead. But JLS promises your mail will be delivered on the days that you have requested. Josh’s support person will step in and get the job done where necessary.

Managers:            Chris and Vannessa Shearman

Vehicle :              Mitsubishi Outlander 


JLS Mail Link Vehicle

Delivery  hours:

Monday – Friday 9am – 1pm

(extended hours as required)

*JLS will not operate on NSW Public Holidays. 

   Prices:       $8-00  per PO Box Delivery

                       $6-00 per Outgoing Mail Collected and Posted.

*We are not able to wait in queues at the Post Office, so it is very important that any outgoing mail is to be stamped, addressed correctly, customs declarations ect.. and ready for pick up when we arrive.

* Due to Josh’s mobility issues and time management we will have to assess whether your business location will be suitable for Josh to navigate.  Eg.. too many stairs to climb, busy traffic area or an unsafe place for JLS to park. These issues can be discussed further and assessed at the time of enquiry.  Thank you for your understanding.   

Forms required:

1.  A JLS booking form needs to be submitted before any deliveries can be made.

 2.  A standing order to Deliver registered and certified Mail  form needs to be complete and handed into the Post Office before any deliveries can be made.

Any forms you require and other important information is in our information Packs.  Call us or email us to get your information pack dropped off to you and get started with JLS.  

Our Business will save you time in your day.



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