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Every story has a beginning and an end. The story of JLS is just beginning and we would like to thank you for being a part of the journey with us.

JLS has been created by Chris and Vannessa Shearman for our son Josh.


Josh Year 12 School photo

Josh is a young man who has a rare genetic disorder, Pettigrew Syndrome (AP1S2 Gene) and Non-Verbal Autism and a bundle of joy to give to the world. We created JLS to give Josh a life of purpose and a quality of life. We have always had a vision for Josh to live an inclusive life and to be a valued member of his community.

Our Family moved to Bathurst 7 years ago and we felt welcome straight away. Our family has been made to feel a part of the community and a sense of belonging which has been our inspiration for us to start a business for Josh that we know the Bathurst community would embrace and support.

We wanted a business that would give Josh a purpose and a connection with his community. Our vision was to create something that would service the Bathurst community, create relationships, develop connections and give Josh a meaningful fulfilled life.

We attended many workshops and seminars to give us some knowledge and inspiration to pursue our dreams and goals for Josh’s life.  It was at one of these seminars a remarkable lady,  Sally Richards, did a presentation about their son Jackson.   As Sally spoke about her son Jackson and his disability,  we could see a lot of the same challenges that Josh had to face each day as well.   Sally spoke of how they had set up a mail courier service for their son Jackson once he had finished school.

It is a business in Canberra called Jackmail.            http://jacksonwest.org/jackmail
We instantly thought how amazing it would be for Josh to do something similar.  We were inspired and empowered to follow our goals for Josh.  We soon contacted Sally to see if she would mind if we did a similar business for Josh in our local community. Sally has been a great support and has given us lots of guidance along the way. We will be forever grateful for Sally and Jackson for their inspiration and infectious can do attitude.

We thought about Josh’s skills, likes and dislikes. We wanted to create something that involved people, transport, skill building and embrace what Josh liked and was good at. Greeting people, driving around town, carrying a bag, being happy and getting to know people in his community were on top of the list. A mail courier business sounded like the perfect fit. After researching what we could do, seeing the success stories of other families creating similar businesses and realising the need for this type of service in Bathurst….

..JLS Mail Link was created.


JLS Mail Link Graphics were created by: Antoinette Fitzgerald


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